Mayor For Life Scarlette​/​The Young Influentials

Mayor For Life

These are a couple of cover songs we recorded with Matt Engstrom at Caffeinated Recordings in the early weeks of 2013. “Scarlette” was written by the excellent band Unwound, and originally appears on their 2001 album Leaves Turn Inside You. For more info on Unwound, check out “The Young Influentials” was originally written by another excellent band named Juno, and is found on their 1999 debut album This Is The Way It Goes & Goes & Goes. For more info on Juno, you might as well go to their Wikipedia page at because I’ll be damned if I’m going to link to a myspace page, and their official site seems to be lost in the ether. This is really a shame because Arlie Carsten’s tour journals were such great reads. I hope they still exist somewhere. His more recent writing is available here:

Free download. If you feel like spending your money, please buy the original bands’ recordings of these songs.